pushxPWR® is a supplement company here to push you to find your PWR in reaching your goals.  Because that's Progress Without Restriction, and that's pretty dang cool.

Our brand starts with a triangle logo that represents the greek letter of the alphabet, Delta ∆.  Delta stands for a change in something... and here, we let it represent a change of energy, because that is what our brand is about.  In physics, if you change your energy over time, ∆E/∆T, it equals POWER.  So why not let that come full circle with our brand, because do you know what else happens when you change the energy of your LIFE over time? Well, you make progress.  And if you keep pushing for that progress? That is progress without restriction - PWR - and that is what pushxPWR® is all about.


What We Believe

Put only goodness into the world; good products, good words, good energy.
Whatever you do, do it with your whole self.
Not the beat-your-chest kind of confidence, the fearlessly vulnerable kind.
We aren't perfect, but we are always moving forward, and a pretty awesome work in progress.
Nothing is more inspiring than seeing someone be themselves.
Because bodies are made for more than just lifting, they are made for living.